Saturday, June 9, 2012

FOR SALE: Headset Soul by Ludacris SL300


• pristine (high def) and balance sound
• superior noise cancelling technology
• comfortably padded headband
• stylish look

Get this baby for only Php 16,000!

That's a 27.27% discount from the Php 22,000 SRP! Only one headset (brand new) is available for sale, so hurry!

Email now if you are interested to purchase the headset or want to ask for more information. (Please include the word "headset" or "soul" in your email's subject line.) The headset is open for testing for sure buyers. Shipment could be arranged for long distance buyers.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quick to come

It's a very rare occasion. Four of four Reklamotion are together. Right now. Parang ayoko na grumaduate. Parang ayoko nang mag-aral. Ang mga balangay ba, yung colorful? Sinsayawan ni _________ ang kanta ni Taylor Swift na You Belong with me. Sabi niya, "Pwede na ba ako sa UP fair? Hi, magandang gabi po, ako po si __________."! "Mga estudyante kayo ng Pisay, Philippine Science! Isipin nyo!" "I need salty!" "Titi ko salty." "Tangina gusto ko na magkaanak!" "Sige anakan mo ko!" "..." "Post na yan!" "Uy, ______, tubig." "Kagabi may pocket ng air sa esophagus ko kaso di ako maka-burp kaya uminom ako ng 1L na ice tea at nag-burp. Sarap!"

Monday, December 5, 2011

Reklamotion joins #campoutPH, calls on Filipino netizens to get out and #occupy Mendiola on Dec. 6-10


We are calling on all Filipinos, fed up with the status quo and united in a common hope for a better present and future without the suffering that we witness everyday, to launch actions, strikes, walk-outs and to join a historic nationwide camp-out protest this December.

We can no longer stand a twisted social set-up that robs the majority of our people of a decent life and basic social services. We can no longer stand a social system that produces immense wealth for foreign interests and a few as the people, who toil all their lives, are increasingly pushed deeper into hunger, poverty and injustice.

We continuously attempted to make those in power heed our call for change. But they refuse to listen, and instead, constantly barrage us with lies, cover-up stunts, insults and threats of force. Like thieves, they railroad unjust measures, they rule with impunity and dare to call it democracy.

Sawang-sawa na tayo.

December 6 is Day One. It is time to send a message to those in power: We will no longer put up with lies, corruption, abuse, exploitation and injustice. Together, we will stand for freedom, justice, equality and genuine change. We can no longer sit idly by as our people – our youth! – face a dim future.

Inspired by upheavals from the Arab Spring to the European Strikes to the Occupy Movements, tens of thousands will strike and walk-out from our campuses, communities, workplaces and camp-out at Mendiola to rock the nation with days of outrage and protest. Similar actions are set to take place across the regions.

Armed with burning optimism, courage and determination, we shall strike, march and camp-out. We will be peaceful but militant in our actions and let our calls strike fear into the hearts of powers that be. Bring tents. Take with you family, friends, and fellow Filipinos who want genuine social change. See you.

Something has to be done. Let us stand up and make the statement that we want genuine change.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

National Bloggers Association: Count Us In!


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Reklamotion is still relatively new in the Philippine blogosphere. The blog started rolling about a year ago and the Team had no idea about the things that RM would accomplish. Now, a year later, there is no signs of the ball stopping.

At the cusp of this blog's life, we involve in a big issue that has been circulating the blogosphere for quite some time now: the formation of a National Bloggers Association of the Philippines (NBAP). Before we continue, RM is glad to announce that its four resident bloggers have signed the NBAP manifesto. Now let us discuss how the decision has been made.

The key factors to be considered is the necessity of a nationwide association for bloggers and the implications if such organization is to be created. We read the takes of other bloggers on the issue and some other NBAP-related articles (everyone is encouraged to do as well):

The pros and cons of forming NBAP were also weighed in:

  • Alienate other bloggers who refuses to join the NBAP and might cause a schism between member bloggers of NBAP and non-member bloggers.
  • The conflicting beliefs of member bloggers might cause inner strife within the organization. If this happens, internal conflict might happen between member bloggers.

  • NBAP will finally provide a representative body for the blogging community and will further entrench blogging in the media community.
  • NBAP can provide a code of ethics to member bloggers to ensure that bloggers will never participate in activities that may harm the organization, members of the organization, their readers, and any individual.
  • Bloggers can now have a platform to campaign for their rights. Also, such organization can protect its members from persecution and defend their member's right to free speech and free expression.
  • NBAP can help integrate new bloggers into the blogging community and may help in their growth.

In RM Team's opinion, the pros outweigh the cons. And that the cons may be easily eliminated by ensuring the freedom of each blogger in the association and making sure that the association will be constructive and not destructive to those who do not want to join. The goal, after all, is not to create an association that will go against the very meaning of blogging but to nurture it and make sure that blogging will remain a tool for the betterment of the society.