Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Eddie Gil Connection

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Who is Eddie Gil? Do you know him? And, please, what is under Eddie Gil's wig or pelukang itim? Do you know the answer? Amazing. These are the questions that we need to answer as we read this article and, no, amazing is not the answer.

Eddie Gil is a not-so-well-known actor(?) and singer(?) who ran for president during the 2004 Presidential Elections. However, he was disqualified when Bro. Eddie Villanueva, his rival for the Presidency, filed a complaint to the Commission on Elections on the ground that Eddie Gil was a dubious character and cited his inability to mount a national campaign.

Would you doubt this man?

While he was campaigning, he said that he would pay the Philippines' debt with his own money, completely disregarding the fact that the Philippines' debt amounted to a shitload of money that would make Bill Gates cry. Crying Bill Gates aside, the amount of money that Eddie Gil is willing to spend to pay our debt would make him one of the richest men in the world.

On the brink of tears

It turned out that Eddie Gil might have been lying after all and Bill Gates might have been laughing all the time when Eddie Gil said that he would pay our debt, because, in an amazing and comical set of events worthy of a film, Eddie Gil could not even afford his hotel accommodations and one of his checks even bounced like a ball on steroids. It turned out that Eddie Gil was no billionaire but a poor delusional man who hoped to become president.

However, the true intention of this article is not to make a mockery of Eddi Gil, but to shed light on the Philippines’ problems using Eddie Gil as a starting ground. The problem is that our current situation is so troubling that it is as if Eddie Gil won the presidential elections. Yes. Let that sink in for a moment. Eddie Gil won. Imagine that. Nice huh?

Woohoo! I won!

The problem with our country is that we are so ready to believe our current set of politicians, that we lap up their lies, vote for them, and rush ourselves to total annihilation. We believe that this politician will not steal, we believe that this politician will help us rise from poverty, even a 10+% of the Philippine population believe that Erap Estrada is still a "VALID" candidate despite the fact that he is found guilty of plunder [beyond reasonable doubt]! WTF? I might reconsider my vote if it were jay walking or littering but PLUNDER? Between Erap and Eddie Gil, I will choose Eddie Gil although they have the same hairstyle.


The point is, the Philippines is a country led by a bunch of Eddie Gil's. They are the ones who keep promising us progress and, yet, cannot deliver. They are the ones who are raised to power to help themselves and not the Filipino people. They are the ones who pose as Jose Vidal, and the ones who shout 'Hello, Garci' on the phone. However, the sad part is that most of us are powerless to stop it. Powerless because we do not care, because we cannot do anything, or because we become like them when we have the power to stop them. The Filipinos have always been a conquered race and we never became free from oppression even if we have gained independence from the US. It turned out we only became prisoners of our countrymen who supposedly had the power to free us but never did. We must now shake these chains that bind and shout, "No more to Eddie Gil's and LIES!" and with this shout we can be freed from the chains. No need to wear yellow or orange; we only need to collectively shout and take action and then freedom will follow.



  2. In Dollars and Euros, Billions talaga.