Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Serving

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Re-elect Kabataan Party-list! Ipagpatuloy ang Magandang Simula!

Philippine Society
Not only activists should fight for basic rights. Do your part; vote Kabataan Party-list!

Web Community
During this post's conception, my Facebook News Feed alerted me that a friend has been tagged in an edited photo of a nude old woman. Every time you see an offensive content, on any website (even here), please take time to hit the report button or write a note. The Web helps us in many different ways; let us help to make it better.

The Team
I am Delajoker, the frog in the REKLAMOTION banner. Dwight, the jaundiced fellow, is the one responsible for my frog image, Bennard's blue face with a popping eye, and Panjerak's depiction as a relative of Hellboy. Learn more about us on The Team page. Email us at

The Blog
REKLAMOTION will be a collection of our blabberings about politics, ethics, and other society stuffs. We may not be experts in these fields, but trust us, we will do our homeworks. Our purpose is to share our views on different issues in our society. And we would like to hear from you. Let us hear your side of the stories. Agree with us or argue against us. Let this blog be a collection of your ideas, too. Please make use of the comments section.

We look forward to having intelligent (and fun!) discussions with you. Welcome to REKLAMOTION!

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