Thursday, March 4, 2010

Human Kalesa

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Just what the heck is this kid doing?

We saw this at a certain Henry Sy slavery institution located somewhere at the intersection of North Avenue and EDSA, approximately a kilometer west of Quezon City Hall and a walking/crawling distance from a rival business edifice.

The function of the attraction is to carry the customer, a kid, and to serve as a miniaturized rickshaw pulled by a mechanical metahuman, but what this ride insinuate to a young human mind can have repercussions that are greater than the simplism of a money making scheme.

The obvious issue here is the ride's implication that slavery is a positive thing. Even if the topics of a Marxist approach are present, and a society would only proceed thru violent revolutions by the people with lesser political power (french revolution, proletarian revolution for socialist societies, slave revolts, tribal wars of the primitive communalism/foraging societies, etc.), the thought of a pure dominance of a dictator is a difficult thing to take in a democratic-grounded society that is the Philippines. Imagine another dictatorship to occupy the government, the same hell and holy crap such as the overused People Power Revolution would again stir (although this I would truly recommend if Erap would be president again, or encourage a nationwide migration). And again the nation would relive the events and the drama that was the Martial Law period. The customers of this ride would not normally magnify the implications of subliminal themes such as autocracy and tyranny, but, come to think of it, a dictatorship can start from the realization of previous interests, and acceptance of the dictator's counsels on establishing a dictatorial government. When you point out a notion that all members in a group agree, one involuntary action is to eradicate all contradicting notions on their belief. If you think this is an impossible assumption, this is exhibited by The Crusades, The Holocaust and The Maguindanao Massacre. In contrast with the ride, if a majority of the customers would congregate to follow their prevailing instinct of controlling people by force or money, a negative concept can emerge from that. As responsible citizens, we cannot afford to have mistakes amidst faulty governance and questionable legislation.

I am not saying that the ride is a work of the devil, but we must train ourselves to notice the details, so that we can be aware of existing occurrences and its causes.

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