Friday, April 23, 2010

On Bennard's 'Bottled Water' (updated)

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"I say to people, if they give you money, regard it as a donation in a period of survival. This is moral Theology... When you are in the polling place you follow your conscience... You see how beautiful this advice is?" —Cardinal Sin [source]

Yes, I see how beautiful your advice is. But another member of this blog begs to differ. This post is a response to "Of Bottled Water and Vote Buying."

I will vote in the national elections for the first time this May, and follow the Cardinal's advice on vote-buying. Take the money but still vote wisely. Expect me to document on this blog my future vote-buying experience. Oh, how I love an exposé!

Before May 10, REKLAMOTION will launch a mechanism, maybe a hashtag, that will let anyone participate in documenting the big event live. So watch out for that! You may also email us ( your experiences after voting. Exciting, isn't it?

Now let me make my disagreement more sensible. Our points of disagreement: (1) He says that we shouldn't take the money because, "The money is supposed to be used for the development and for the aid of millions of impoverished Filipinos and are not supposed to be squandered by candidates who are seeking to be elected in public office."

Firstly, not accepting a money offer doesn't mean that it will be alternatively "used for the development and for the aid of millions of impoverished Filipinos." Secondly, why not look at it the other way around—let the voters be the ones who take advantage of the candidates.

(2) He says, "When we take part in acts like this, we are not only selling our votes, we are also selling the soul of the country..." But as COMELEC Commissioner Jose Melo put it, "You cannot buy the votes, you can only buy the voter..." [source] It's hard to admit but I agree with the commissioner on this.

"They are fattening the livestock before the kill."
Let the candidates fatten you, just don't let them kill you. Prove that Filipinos are wiser now. Even clever! *wink*

Labor Day (side note)
May 1 is Labor Day in our country. This is another very important event that we shouldn't miss. Join The Team as we take part in the Blog Action Day for Employment on April 28 as our Labor Day contribution. Please go here to learn how you can participate too.

¿Y tĂș?
How about you, will you follow Cardinal Sin's advice or do you agree with Bennard? Let us hear you in the comments.

UPDATE: "When the cat is away, the mouse will play." Our opponent just updated his post to strengthen his argument, quoting the Omnibus Election Code. Well, thanks to him for leting us know about Section 261. Okay, Bennard: Come, sue me. SUE US!


  1. criminal!!!!! hahahahahaha!
    wag po natin kalimutan na ang april 28 ay blog action day for employment!

  2. Eto ang maganda sa reklamotion, may tunggalian ng ideya. :D Ung ibang collaborative blogs eh 'scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" haha.. XD

    On the topic: medyo panig ako dun sa naunang post kasi by the mere acceptance of the money from that candidate, you are already tolerating corruption in its infancy. Though it is correct to just assume that it would be better that he had been giving out these money to voters for the purpose of getting their votes rather than be used for their personal luxuries pero ang punto kasi, para mo na rin sinabi na sige, ok lang na bawiin mo ulit yan pag nasa puwesto ka na. At malamang, higit pa sa nagastos niya sa pagbili ng mga boto ang kakamalin niya pag-upo sa pwesto.

  3. "para mo na rin sinabi na sige, ok lang na bawiin mo ulit yan pag nasa puwesto ka na."

    —Exactly! Let the candidates think that way. As I said, "let the voters be the ones who take advantage of the candidates."

    "At malamang, higit pa sa nagastos niya sa pagbili ng mga boto ang kakamalin niya pag-upo sa pwesto."

    —Kaya nga dapat hindi sila ang iboto. Just take the money, vote for your desired candidates, at (bonus pa) i-document ang vote-buying na naganap.

    Salamat sa pagtangkilik sa REKLAMOTION. Wag kalimutan mag-share ng links :D

  4. ulol hahahaha. Come, sue me. SUE US! haha

  5. bakit mo chinachallenge na kasuhan kayo?to prove yung kung gano ka-firm ang stand ni bennard?other reasons?enlighten me. i find that argument ("sue me") weak/corny eh, or are you using it just to tease?

  6. good question. ang tawag don sarcasm, kaya weak talaga if you look at it as a challenge. "Our opponent just updated his post to strengthen his argument, quoting the Omnibus Election Code." That is to point out that the opponent's effort was pointless. Para san pa at quoted ko si Melo?

  7. Oh.SARCASM. pero may mga hindi ka na-clear sa post na ito, advocate/magtotolerate ka ba ng corruption? kasi siyempre hindi mo naman babanggitin ang bad repercussions ng pagtake ng seduction money, it would not defend your case. para kay bennard din, may rebuttal ka ba? at jerome, so far ang stand ko eh, hypocritical kung hindi ko kukunin ang pera. kailangan ko ng pera. lol

  8. ay hanep. hahahahaha. napaghalata na inupdate ko. pinaalalahanan kasi ako ni betits na dapat well-researched. hahahaha.

  9. well, to each his own naman. however, ang malalang repercussion nito ay kahit di mo pa rin naman iboto yung candidate na binili yung boto mo, parang binigyan mo pa rin siya ng assumption na ok lang maging corrupt at lumabag sa batas kasi, in the first place, kahit yung mga tao lumalabag na rin.

  10. Know what? I just signed an "insurance" card from Y.A.C.A.P. (YOUTH AGAINST CORRUPTION AND POVERTY) partylist. And I have the pictures to prove it. By the way I think I am the friend Bennard is talking about.haha

  11. i documented it delajoker. will post the picture later.

  12. meron akong "insurance" card na galing sa YACAP partylist. nabili na ba boto ko?haha.

  13. Syempre against ako sa corruption. Pero ang i-mention pa yun ay OA na.

    Ang duty ng voter ay pumili, pumili ng matinong leader. Gawan ba ng restriction kung anong gagawin ng voter during his period of selection. At bakit? Dahil immoral raw. At sino ba nag-set ng restriction? Gobyerno rin.

    Everything boils down to money. Pera rin ang gamit sa production ng campain materials, ads, etc. Pero ok lang ito sa karamihan dahil hindi ang mga botante ang nakikinabang sa pera na nagagastos. Kaya ang lumalabas, bawal makinabang ang mga botante sa mga kandidato pero ang mga kandidato ayos lang lokohin ang mga botante. Parang "masarap ang bawal" na baliktad. wtf

  14. i-check muna sa ominous omnibus haha

  15. hahaha. ok lang yun, pero kelangan kasi lagyan ng indication na updated ang post.

  16. Kahit naman na mauto mo ang pulitiko, di naman lang ikaw ang binilhan ng boto. Most likely, mas madami ang mga tao na nabili talaga ang boto at sadyang ibinoto talaga nila yung kandidato. In a way, magiging part ka lang ng system ng corruption ng Pilipinas. Konti lang naman ang intellectual sa Pilipinas na makakaisip na utuin ang mga kandidato. So kahit na hindi mo ibinigay ang boto mo sa kandidato, ibinigay mo pa rin sa kanya ang permission na maging corrupt at lumabag sa batas kasi ikaw din nga mismo ay lumalabag sa batas. Pag ganun ang nangyari, hindi mo na siya pwedeng icondemn kung nangurakot siya at tawagin mo siyang kriminal kasi pwede ka na rin niyang tawagin na kriminal. Most likely, babasahan ka niya ng omnibus election code.

  17. This is where the likes of this post come in, para mas madami ang maabot ng mensahe na hindi kailngan iboto kahit nabayaran na. Pati na rin voter's educ dito pumapasok at ang pangingialam ng konting intellectuals. At kapag lumaganap nga ang mechanism na ito, eh di matututo ang mga pulitiko at hindi na nila gagawin ang vote buying. Sino ang nagwagi ngayon?

    Hindi kailangan ng permission para maging corrupt ang isang tao. Kahit anong gawin ng botante, ganyan pa rin yan. Ang dapat ay maisahan ang mga corrupt na yan. Isa pa, hindi nabibili ang boto, yung mga botante lang, which brings us back to the first paragraph of this comment.

    Kapag nagpabayad ang isang botante pero binoto nya ang tingin nyang tama, pwede pa rin nyang i-condemn ang mga kurakot. Dahil lang ba babasahan ka ng ominous omnibus ay mananahik ka? At kahit ano pa man ang ginawa ng botante sa eleksyon, pwede syang magreklamo. At dito pumapasok ang REKLAMOTION.