Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dragon slaying and a Damsel in distress: A Political Melodrama?

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The governement has been very good in its performance on taking away good oppurunities to go with what they aim for. They even go through trash and act like trash, one reason politics is called dirty in a non-sexual context. One example is a statement from a victim; a family friend we would call "Damsel". Now Damsel here is a public highschool teacher in a certain public highschool in Guinobatan, Albay. For those who doesn't know where that is, well GIYF. Damsel is the physics teacher of the 1st-section senior class, and it was the First grading period when her student "Jessica" was becoming active in extra-curricular activities. Initially, Jessica was nearly flunking the subject, but since there came a DepEd memorandum that there should be incentives given to students that represent the school in various competitions, Jessica's grade was (even with considerations, "human compassion" and the incentives) 79. But on grounds that Jessica can not be in the Honor Roll for a grade lower than 80, Damsel changed the grade to 82.

"Hindi kasi dapat bumaba sa 80 ang grade ng isang candidate for honors at 'pangit' naman kung 80 lang ang magiging grade niya. At para hindi ako makonsensya na pinaboran ko ang anak ng co-teacher ko, dinagdagan ko rin ang grade ng mga kaklase niya. Two points ang idinagdag ko sa grades ng mga kaklase niya—3 points sa kanya kasi nagre-represent naman siya ng school sa GSP activities at sa mga trainings para sa student leaders. Nakadalo din siya sa isang event(training yata ng student leaders sa labas ng bansa)."

We all know that when we engage in extra-curriculars, we must be responsible in missed lessons and make-up for school work. That is the price to pay for non-academic glory. Jessica came 6th on the first grading top ten, and that's where the parents started complaining. Damsel was reported to the Department Head as "incompetent", and word spread through the faculty that she was "inconsiderate" on the student that was giving recognition to the school. The complainants' demand with the support of the Department Head was to change their daughter's grade to 90, for Jessica's final grade during her 3rd year was also 90.

"Ipinagdiinan sa akin ng department head ko ang isang DepEd memo na nagsasabing 'the grades of students representing the school in competitions should either be retained or increased during the grading period when he/she represented the school.' Sinabi ko sa dept. head ko na 1st grading period pa lang kaya wala akong basehan ng graded na ire-retain at hindi pwedeng maging basehan ko ang grade nung 3rd year ang bata dahil ibang subject naman yun."

Jessica was not improving with her grades for the Second and Third Grading since she was busier with her activities, and then came Fourth Grading when Jessica's initial grade was 87, receiving a plus point as a gift for being a Girl Scout of the Philippines awardee. The honor roll came, and Jessica was 6th in academics and 3rd on extra-curriculars, placing her in 3rd Honorable Mention. Again, the parents reheated the case, and was filed to the Principal. The complaint now stated that Damsel consciously shaved-off points from Jessica's grade so that the other good-performing students would overtake her place in the honor roll. The principal replied to the accusation that the giving of grades was fair, and the basis of grades was the performance of the student. Do you think the rampaging parents would stop here? Oh no sir, the parents blackmailed the principal that if their daughter receives her "deserving" throne as Salutatorian, the case won't be raised to the higher-ups in the DepEd Regional Office. The principal did not comply with the demand, so parents continued their two-person protest to the regional office. Investigations on the case was done by a representative from the regional office in connection with the complaint, and Damsel was not found guilty. Next was a representative of the division office, and their findings were that it is unjust to give extra points to the other students since they were not as active as Jessica in the extra-curriculars. But the decision is not to remove the extra points given so that there would be no complications that would arise, and to add an additional 3 points to Jessica. After all the discussions and bonus points, Jessica was still 3rd Honorable Mention. It made Jessica's parents even mad, and they again, raised the complaint to the DepEd Superintendent we would call "Dragon". Now Dragon ordered a meeting with Damsel and all the other subject teachers in Jessica's class. Dragon pin-pointed the allegation by the parents that Damsel was favoring the other students, in which they received a grade of 97. Damsel was later shamed in front of the other teachers, saying that she must not be teaching in a science-oriented class since she has favoritism. After much public humiliation, they reach to a settlement that Jessica's grade should be 90. A suitable compromise huh?

Jessica was still in the same ranking, even her grade was doctored to much extent. Still the parents were not pleased (oh you can not please these individuals), and now the case was brought up to the DepEd Central Office, for the parents want to see Damsel be punished for her oppressive acts against their daughter.

Now, who is the one oppressed here? Bullied by authoritarians and elites where their desires ignore rules and proper following of procedures, who would you call the one that is in distress? Take note: Damsel was awarded "Outstanding Secondary School Teacher" in 2006 by the DepEd Regional Office, and now they are shaming her and calling her incompetent. They are giving up morals for this, being very hypocritical for figuratively taking back the award they—in whatever parameters they used—gave few years back. After this event, Damsel can not teach 1st-section classes, she now teaches the lowest section and receiving minimum units. What a way to fully brand a person incompetent, it's just like ostracism, only that is decided upon by the powerful few. Very democratic indeed.

We should not tolerate this act. And what would the parents gain after this very improper and irrational fight against Damsel? Jessica won't necessarily be an Oil Tycoon after this. And what is the power of a mere parent's whining to virtually remove someone on unfair grounds out of his/her employment? Think: when the poor raises an argument, it is most probably dropped on initial filing. Even with millions of people under the poverty line hurling their gripes to the leaders we voted, it is not heard, or sometimes silenced. As for the bullies in the government, they are controlled by the elites. And in this situation, as long as the school and DepEd is honored by Jessica's efforts, it is OK for them to eliminate factors that would damage them. The teachers and other hard working people does not deserve this treatment; being deprived by matters decided by the powerful. Slay these powerful dragons that pollute the government!


  1. kaya nauubos ang talents ng RP, maliban sa mababang sahod.

  2. Panghikayat sana na magstay ang workers dito sa pinas kasi grabe talaga ang racism sa ibang bansa, lalo na sa pinoy. Pero dito mismo pala e meron ding oppression.

  3. Whoa, heavy nito ah. Wag na talaga tayo magtaka na ang oppression ay nagsisimula sa mga fundamental sectors ng lipunan, tulad nitong sa education. Kung ganito na kaya ang pundasyon, ano na kaya ang buong istraktura? Natandaan ko noon sa elementary school ko 1st at 2nd honor lang tunay na parangal; ang 3rd hangang 10th nakukuha na lang sa pag-sisep, palaging nagbibigay ng lunch sa teacher o malaki mag-contribute sa mga xmas party.

  4. Tama ka, bale microcosm ang maliliit na sectors ng buong sitwasyon ng lipunan. Yan na mga sipsip ay most likely tutulad sa mga incompetent na pulitiko na dumidikit sa mga matunog na partido. Tapos sila pa ang aani ng atensyon at mananlo sa halalan? tsk.